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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Racine WI repair garage doors from all brands and makers in Racine. Many times our customers ask us if we can repair their garage door, since they are not sure if we fix their broken garage door, or they are not sure if we repair wooden garage doors. So we would like to make it clear: If it is a garage door in Racine County, Garage Door Repair Racine WI can fix it, and they can fix it today!
From commercial heavy duty overhead garage doors, to residential garage door tune up, we can repair it. If your garage door coil spring snapped, the door is out of track, or if the opener do not respond, we are the answer for all your garage door needs.

Garage Doors Issues

There are many reasons that can affect a garage door and the way it is moving. It is enough that one of the rollers is damaged or busted, to take a garage door off tracks. When one of our technicians arrive to inspect a broken garage door at for our customers, we often find that the problem started long before they contacted us, and if they would of contact a local garage door supplier on time, the repair could cost less than third from what it will cost now. So we always say and we will say it again, do not wait until it is too late, and until your garage door will completely stop working. If there is something wrong with your overhead door, if the cable is lose or damaged, the coil spring broke, the roller is bended, or if the door is making strong noises, contact a local garage door company in Racine to come and fix your broken garage door. Besides saving money, that you will spend if you will wait until the damage will be bigger, you will avoid putting yourself, or one of your family members at risk. We, at Garage Door Repair Racine WI, offer same day garage door repairs, and since we carry the parts with us, like garage door coil spring or rollers, we can fix any broken garage door right there on the spot.


Garage Door Coil spring Repairs


It can be a private home garage door or business overhead door, what makes it easy to lift and open even the heaviest overhead doors that weight hundreds of pounds is the garage door’s spring system. The coil spring system is also and what stop the heavy door from crashing into the ground and break. When one of the coil springs break, it is usually occurring while the door is closed (When there is the most pressure on the coil springs), sometime followed by a loud noise that make you wonder if the door is completely broken, that you will have to contact a garage door technician in Racine to come and replace it. But there is no need to worry, most times we can repair the door by replacing the broken coil spring with a new high quality coil spring. We have replaced countless amount of garage door coil springs in Racine, using high quality coil springs, from the kind that last for many years.

Garage Opener Repair

The garage door openers you can find in the market today - as long as you purchase a high quality opener (such as Liftmaster opener) – can easily last 20 years and more )As long as the door is properly maintained). When you consider the amount of years, if you think about it, it is better to invest in high quality openers rather than purchase a cheap opener that may need to be repaired or replaced every few years.  The installers of Garage Door Repair Racine WI install high quality garage door openers in Racine Wisconsin, such as Liftmaster and Genie operators, that can easily last for 20 years and more when the door is properly installed and lubricated.

Commercial Overhead Door Repair

If you own a commercial roll-up door, you probably know that a perfectly working commercial door can save you a k lot of time and money, which you would of spend otherwise. That is the reason we offer a same day repair service for commercial Overhead doors in Racine.
If you are having issues with your commercial overhead door, the door need repair, but you are thinking to continue to use it, or to repair it by doing it yourself, we suggest that you will think again. A commercial Overhead door, whether it is in Racine or a commercial roll-up door in Wisconsin can be very dangerous, and should be repaired by a trained and experienced technician, who carry the tools, and the right parts for the repair.

Important Safety Warning!

It is important to declare that the information presented on our website, is NOT recommendation to try and repair your broken garage door by doing it yourself, and it can never replace the opinion of a professional garage door technician that will come and check the door and locate the problem. Keep in mind that garage doors can be dangerous, and use of broken garage door, or one that wasn’t properly installed, can end with damage to the property, to the door itself, and even with serious injuries. Hire a local expert to service the door for you, it is the safest way!


Our garage doors services:

  • Roll down shutters repair.
  • Emergency garage door repair.
  • Garage coil spring replacement.
  • Garage opener repair.
  • Garage opener installation.
  • Off tracks overhead door repair.
  • Residential garage door repair.
  • Loading docks doors repairs.
  • Garage cable replacement.
  • Garage door maintenance.
  • Same day service!

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